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Better late than never I guess!

Sorry for the delay - the image I'd hoped to use for February has ended up needing a little assistance in order for it to be as amazing as I have it in my head so that will now become March's image.

In the meantime therefore, please enjoy this calming image for February.


<![CDATA[What Men Find Behind Female Masks]]>Mon, 24 Feb 2014 13:14:26 GMThttp://www.kittyskornervip.com/home/what-men-find-behind-female-masks
Luke Malone, producer on Channel 4's "Secrets Of The Living Dolls" recently published an in-depth article for The Atlantic news website entitled "What Men Find Behind Female Masks" featuring prominent members of the masking community - Kerry, T-Vyrus, and Lisa!

Take a read! Or watch the video version from BreakingWorldNews...
<![CDATA[Kitty Mayer AMA]]>Tue, 18 Feb 2014 10:01:14 GMThttp://www.kittyskornervip.com/home/kitty-mayer-ama
Mark it in your calendars... Saturday 22nd February I'm going to be on MaskChat from 8pm (UK time) onwards to answer any questions you may want to throw at me!

This is an open invite to everyone - longstanding members of the masking community, newcomers, journalists, and fetishists. If you have any burning questions you need to ask either about myself or female masking in general - now's your chance!
<![CDATA[Happy Fuzzy Heart Day!]]>Fri, 14 Feb 2014 22:07:41 GMThttp://www.kittyskornervip.com/home/happy-fuzzy-heart-day
Just a quick message to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day!

I've been spoiled rotten all week - chocolates on Monday, flowers on Tuesday, jewellery on Wednesday, perfume on Thursday, and today I've had a lovely meal in London with my hubby and we're going on a little holiday in March :-))

No matter your age, sex, orientation or lifestyle, I wish everyone a little bit of love in your lives today and if there isn't a special someone in your life - there's always red wine ;-)



PS.. Check the Gallery for the unblurred version of the picture!
<![CDATA[Happy Chicken Wing Day!]]>Sun, 02 Feb 2014 16:46:43 GMThttp://www.kittyskornervip.com/home/happy-chicken-wing-day
Why is Kitty posting about the Super Bowl of all things?!

Well actually the Super Bowl has a soft place in my heart; I have fond memories of hosting parties each year for my hubby and his work colleagues when we lived in LA. Usually myself and the other wives would be drunk on cocktails by lunchtime and we'd be laughing away whilst we marinaded ribs and wings and chopped salads and put nibbles out in bowls and beers in the fridge.
Then we'd retire outside by the pool to continue chatting whilst we heard the shouts and screams from the TV inside, all the while clinking our glasses and catching up on gossip.

So whatever team you support today (I'm voting for the blue and green team), have fun, drink, shout, cry, and eat lots of spicy chicken wings!

<![CDATA[Another quick Vine video!]]>Mon, 27 Jan 2014 14:53:09 GMThttp://www.kittyskornervip.com/home/another-quick-vine-video
Another quick video is up on my Twitter feed!

I'm quite enjoying these smaller little bite-size vids (it means I can do more of them really quickly/easily) but don't worry - there'll be longer, more extravagant ones coming as my creative juices come flowing back! ;-)

Spider Kitty
<![CDATA[Quick Vine Video]]>Thu, 23 Jan 2014 09:52:40 GMThttp://www.kittyskornervip.com/home/quick-vine-video
Ever the investigator, I just uploaded a quick experiment I did with Vine to my Twitter feed.

I kinda like Vine as the short duration of the clips forces you to be creative which is one thing I'm lacking at the moment(!) Let me know what you think and I may continue with this experiment if people like it.

Have any of you used Vine before?
<![CDATA[Introducing the Mask Calendar!]]>Wed, 08 Jan 2014 14:14:22 GMThttp://www.kittyskornervip.com/home/introducing-the-mask-calendar
2014 will be the year I finally venture out masked to a masking or fetish event so during my research into which one looks most appropriate I've started a new page uninspiringly called the Mask Calendar that lists all the mask or fetish events happening in 2014.

Obviously it's work-in-progress so if you know of any more or want to promote your own event, just submit it and I'll get it added.

VIP Members too have something to look forward to each month with the start of Kitty's Calendar! Head on over to the Wallpaper gallery to grab January's image - but be aware, it's only available during January and then it's gone forever!

Here's to a wonderful new year! x
<![CDATA[Secrets Of The Living Dolls Review]]>Tue, 07 Jan 2014 12:14:39 GMThttp://www.kittyskornervip.com/home/secrets-of-the-living-dolls-review
Last night, Channel 4 aired it's documentary going behind the scenes of the female masking phenomena. As a member of that community, and as one of only a few females within it, here is my quick review from what I saw in the show and how people reacted in the media...
Having been masking for around 10 years now, this documentary still managed to show me areas of this world that I didn't know about. As it said, maskers are quite private people and although we talk on Dollspride and MaskChat, it was still insightful to see 'behind the scenes' with a peek into the lives of a few individuals that were taking big steps in their personal lives regarding their masking.

The documentary was decently made I thought... it didn't poke fun, it wasn't biased in any way, it didn't have any kind of snarky commentary overlain or sarcastic editing. It did exactly what a documentary should do, which is document the events.
However, it wasn't very investigative and as I watched the hashtag #livingdolls populate Twitter it became clear that maybe the documentary had jumped in at the deep end too quickly as people freaked out at Sherry's own hair being used to make the Femskin vagina look more natural.
Newspaper reviews of the documentary today from the Independent and Telegraph both agree that the show didn't go deep enough. Luke Malone (producer of the show) if you're reading this... the show was watched by 2.3m people, you need to do a follow-up of "Return Of The Living Dolls" ;-)
Comparisons to horror movie villains like Michael Myers from Halloween and Buffalo Bill from Silence Of The Lambs came quick and often thereafter unfortunately as people struggled to understand our fetish and how it's just a preference like any other fetish - bondage, feet, gas masks, genital piercing, asphyxiation, domination etc.. The only people that 'got it' were other women...
Overall therefore I think the documentary was insightful, but to the world at large it will be seen as a freakshow. All I can hope is that it helped some people... those people that have been masking in private for years alone and didn't realise there was a whole community out there with a similar interest, or people like myself that have never gone out in public whilst masked before and feel a little more confident to do so now.

If you're new to female masking therefore then welcome - you're normal and you're amongst friends :-)

"Secrets Of The Living Dolls" can be re-watched online using Channel 4's free 4OD service here.

There are also a few additional un-aired clips on their homepage featuring Vanessa and Dominique. Enjoy!

<![CDATA[Happy 2014!]]>Mon, 06 Jan 2014 13:10:54 GMThttp://www.kittyskornervip.com/home/happy-2014
A bit belated I know but I've only just been dragged kicking and screaming out of 'holiday mode' I'm afraid!

No more waking up and popping a chocolate off the tree into my mouth, no more people randomly popping round to visit, just back to 'normality' (whatever that means), the routine of going to work and some peace and quiet to finally mask again ;-)

So what are holidays like in the Mayer household? Well, family definitely - lots of visiting relatives and lots of going around to everyone's houses to swap presents.

And what did I get for Xmas? Well a juicer for one - it'll save me a fortune on buying bottled smoothies plus it'll help me get back in shape after two weeks of wolfing down mince pies with brandy butter, and homemade yule log ;-)

And I also got a new camera finally! My hubby got me a Canon Powershot s110 (the same one Max uses on the show "Catfish") and I made some time over the holidays to clear a space in the house dedicated to taking photos - the image to the left is one of the first I took with this new setup, hope you like it!

I also entered the FemSkin December contest - I didn't win unfortunately (the winning photo can be found over on Dollspride) but I've put my entry in the Wallpaper gallery for those interested.
So what does 2014 have in store then? Well here's a quick review of 2013 first...

So back in June my passion for masking resurfaced but I knew that if I was going to make a comeback my hobby had to not affect my home life, hence the decision to bring back my website as a business where I was fully in control of its content.

Although risky, that decision thankfully has gone on to see success beyond my wildest expectations. Whilst I prepared the website I opened up the 'early bird offer' and was immediately swamped with interest from literally thousands of people. As I said at the time, a huge thank you to you all from the bottom of my heart - if it wasn't for you I wouldn't even do this.

As time went on, the site opened, and more content was uploaded. Today, I'm extremely happy to say that this website is now a sustainable business - ie.. every month it makes money and the number of unique visitors and new VIP members remains on a steady increase each month. For those interested, my Alondra and Jessica mask reviews remain consistently the top-visited pages each month along with the VIP Photo page - no surprise ;-)

Whilst the bubble may burst at any minute, my instincts tell me I must be doing something right so if you've liked the content you've seen so far, you're going to see more of it this year ;-)

Here's a list of what I've got planned (in no particular order)...
  • 60's Batgirl - The place I ordered my Batgirl costume ended up going into receivership and my order was cancelled at the last minute unfortunately. I then saw the video to the right online and thought it looked a bit baggy in the end so had second thoughts but ultimately found some more videos and a new store to buy it from so you'll finally get to see this now (although I think I'm going to have to cut the attached wig off it in the end).
  • Wonder Woman - Wait... I thought you had a Wonder Woman costume already? Well yes, but unfortunately I don't like it. The one I got was really cheap when it arrived and didn't fit amazingly well (not enough cleavage, too thin leggings, awkward tiara) so although I may put the photos up sometime, I'm not particularly proud of them I'm afraid so I'd rather get a 'proper' outfit (ie.. 'classic' Wonder Woman leotard) and may splash out on a professional cosplay version with real metal bra etc..
  • She-Ra - I got this outfit last year but the photos I took didn't turn out well. This was the last straw for realising I needed to get a proper camera to take photos with. Once I've done a new set of these you'll see why I like this outfit so much
  • Curveball videos - Stop teasing us, Kitty, and get some videos made! Hee, I hear you loud and clear on this. The holdup has been me I'm afraid on this - getting good quality footage that can be easily manipulated digitally has been waiting on the new camera, a clear background, and a green zentai suit (like in the movies). I have all three of these now though so this process can begin. I'll be sending Curveball some test footage in January therefore :-))
  • My first masked event - Not sure what this is going to be yet (maybe RubberCult in London) but this is the year I'm finally going to brave going on a night out whilst masked. I've been spending a bit of time over at FetLife recently doing some research on nights to go to. If you have any suggestions or are going to any events yourself, pop them in the Comments!
  • Kitty Unmasked! Hee, hold your horses, this doesn't mean I'm suddenly going to post photos of me unmasked all of a sudden, but it does mean that maybe you might see me experimenting with a latex hood like this in future.
  • Omegle Reaction Videos - I found a way to record my times on Omegle now so stay tuned to see the fun I have shocking people on there ;-)
  • One more big expense. I'm not sure what that will be, but there are some amazing masks still out there like the Playmate, Rubbersisters' Petra, and others that I'd love to get my hands on so if all goes well this year I hope to get my hands on one of these maybe
So I hope all that sounds like fun! Wishing everyone a prosperous and successful year filled with love and happiness,

Yours eternally,